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Africa – background stories

Ivory Coast reconciliation commission launched

Supporters of Alassane Ouattara burn tires during a protest in the Koumassi district of Abidjan, Ivory Coast (16 December 2010)

Ivory Coast’s Truth, Reconciliation
and Dialogue Commission has launched, with its star member – footballer Didier
Drogba – absent from its first meeting.

Commission chairman Charles Konan Banny said the body would try to forge
unity among bitterly divided Ivorians. About 3,000 people were killed and 500,000 displaced in violence after disputed elections last year.

Mr Banny joked that Mr Drogba was the commission’s number 11, but was absent because of injury.


Kenya: defence split at ICC hearings – Daily Nation, Nairobi

Suspended minister Henry Kosgey on Monday adopted an independent approach to defend himself against claims of masterminding the post-election violence.

Hi lawyer used Monday’s hearing to try and demonstrate that Mr Kosgey did not have any links with KASS FM, which is alleged to have broadcast hate messages. read more…

Angolan Youths arrested after protest rally – al-Jazeera

Police in Angola have arrested at least 24 people for trying to stage a rally calling for the resignation of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, according to media reports.

The rally was organised on Saturday in Luanda, the capital, by a youth movement without the support of major opposition parties, the Portuguese television station RTP reported. It said around 200 youths gathered at Luanda’s Independence Square at 1200 GMT before police stepped in to arrest a small group heading towards the presidential palace to demand the release of a protester allegedly arrested earlier on Saturday. read more…

Chinese arms talks with Gaddafi – BBC News

China has admitted its state-run
weapons manufacturers held talks in July with representatives of Colonel Gaddafi as his forces battled rebels.

A spokeswoman said the meetings in Beijing took place without the knowledge
of the government. She said that no contracts were signed and no arms supplied.

The UN Security Council passed an arms embargo on Libya in February as
anti-Gaddafi protests gathered pace.  Read more…

Libya: Endgame for Qadhafi – By George Joffé

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