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Game Translocation to Angola 🇳🇦🦌🚚🇦🇴 – The capture (1#3)In October we translocated nyalas, lechwes and sables from Namibian game farms to a lush and green farm in central Angola. In the next couple of posts we will tell you all about this trip! Today we explain how we captured the animals. All animals were captured via dart immobilization; the animals are darted with immobilizing drugs. When the dart hits the animal, the drugs are injected, and within a few minutes the animal becomes sedated enough for us to be able to handle it. The big advantages of capturing the animals via dart immobilization is that we can select young, healthy individuals. Young animals travel better, and adapt easier to new environments. As we have ‘hands on’ the animals, we can give them vitamins, minerals, vaccinations, deworming, and an anti-tick/fly pour-on; a health booster for the long trip! All the animals also get a long-acting tranquilizer, which reduces stress, but also increases their appetite during the trip. When the animals at properly on the road, they hardly loose condition. The reason for translocating these animals is to stock up a farm in central Angola. Last year we brought giraffes, waterbuck, kudus, eland, zebras and impalas to this area, and this year it was time to add other species; nyalas, lechwes and sables. In tomorrow’s post you can read about our road trip, in the meantime, have a look at the video we made about this translocation: https://youtu.be/Eio8ZToHpD8#WildlifeVetsNamibia#namibia#angola#lechwe#nyalas#sable#wildlife#translocation