African Parks

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Did you know that Zakouma National Park has not lost a single elephant to poaching in five years? 🐘Ten years of partnership between the Government of Chad and African Parks has given rise to one of Africa’s most astonishing conservation stories– the resurrection of Zakouma National Park. This unique Sudano-Sahelian landscape had been heavily poached, resulting in the loss of 90% of its elephants in just eight years. By 2010, only 454 remained. That same year, the Chadian Government took deliberate action to protect and restore Zakouma for all Chadians and invited African Parks to enter into a long-term management agreement. With strong community engagement and a near total end to poaching, Zakouma quickly became a sanctuary for wildlife and its elephants finally began to settle down and breed again and for the first time in decades the population started to increase. Zakouma’s elephants now number over 630 today and the park has become a national icon and a guiding light for conservation practice in Africa.