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Illustrative photo: O País

The population of Macossa district, north of Manica province, claims to be facing imminent famine as a result of elephants invading their fields.

The pachyderms in question constantly escape from the Coutada Nove conservation area in the district and destroy crops.

According to growers, the good harvest expected in Macossa has been reduced to ashes by the invaders.

Widow Zaida Ernesto and her seven children survive principally on agriculture. This year, she worked an area of three hectares, and expected to harvest about 10 tons of corn, destined both for consumption and sale.

“How are we going to live here, in Macossa, if our basis of survival is agriculture? Elephants are destroying our produce, and we don’t know what to do,” she laments.

Despite the matter being brought to the attention of local leaders, it is not receiving its due consideration.

Manuel Langtone, a senior community leader, said he receives complaints from the population and requests for intervention on a daily basis, but when he forwards the matter to the ranches, it does receive adequate attention.

Contacted on the subject, the Macossa district administrator said he was reaching out to Coutada Nove management with a view addressing the situation and exercising greater control over the animals, which were of concern to government authorities.

By Carlitos CadangueSource: O País