Novo Jornal
March 30, 2021

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The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) detained a national citizen for allegedly slaughtering elephants and selling ivory in the municipality of Dembos, Bengo province, the director of the institutional communication and press office of the SIC-general informed the Novo Jornal.

Manuel Halaiwa told the New Journal that the accused, a peasant, was found in possession of two elephant tusks, which is supposed to be an adult, and even revealed during interrogations at the Criminal Investigation Directorate (DIC) Bengo that they would be destined for commercialization in Luanda.

According to Manuel Halaiwa, the individual had been hunting elephants for some time, which was discovered based on criminal intelligence work.

“He (the detainee) was detected with two tusks, at a time when he was looking for ways to sell them in the country’s capital,” said the official.

The communication director of SIC-General said that the individual in preventive detention, the most severe coercive measure applied by the Public Prosecutor (MP) at SIC-Bengo, guaranteed that he has acted alone in this crime of killing animals and ivory trafficking.

Manuel Halaia said that the authorities believe that the man has committed this crime with other elements, and that “commerce, in addition to Luanda, has also been taken to other regions, but the SIC-general investigation is already working, in the sense of obtaining data, to understand if there are individuals linked to the peasant”.

Angola is carrying out the fight against the illegal sale of wild animals, a problem that affects elephants in particular, and has also been felt by international networks of ivory trafficking for many years.

In 2019, the SIC-general management made a presentation of marginals supposedly linked to an international Asian network that is dedicated, from Angola, to the illicit trade in elephant artifacts. As of the date of this publication, according to the Novo Jornal, the SIC-general investigation has not yet managed to stop the leader of this international Asian network that has been dedicated to the ivory trafficking and slaughter of elephants in Angola.