News – National | 2021-01-06Page no: 5

by Clemans Miyanicwe

CHIEF executive officer Samson !Uri≠Khob of the Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) on Saturday said no rhinos were poached during the festive season in the Kunene region.

He added no case was reported in the region where the SRT operates between 2017 and April 2020 either.

After the state of emergency came to an end in September last year, four rhinos were, however, poached in the region.

!Uri≠Khob believes the government’s Covid-19-related lockdown contributed to this.

“It limits the movement (of people),” he said.

“Curfews and limited gatherings should be in place, and much stricter measures, but not an entire lockdown,” !Uri#Khob said.

He said finances would always be a problem for their organisation as some international donors cut funding, but fortunately B2Gold came on board as plans were made to retrench staff.

B2Gold’s funding has been of great help to SRT as it enables rhino custodian conservancies to continue with their work, !Uri≠Khob said.