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c4t gDdemcembgehlrSp at oseson1roso6:rnogsuse0td0  · 🇳🇦🚛🦌🇦🇴 The other translocation we did was taking Namibian game to a private game farm in the Cuanza Sul area, quite far up into Angola! The zebras, impalas, eland, giraffes, waterbuck and kudus were held in a holding boma prior to the trip. Despite the long journey, the animals travelled well, and enjoy the lush greenery of Angola! And… in the meantime a kudu calf and 3 impala lambs have been born 🙂 Great news! Again a big thanks to the drivers and everybody in Angola that helped out! #Namibia#Angola#translocationPhotos (c) the proud owners in Angola and Wildlife Vets Namibia