Reflections on the history of wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe Seminar by Prof. David Cumming

About this Event

The Zimbabwe Chapter of the global Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) was formally registered in August 2020. The Chapter brings together professionals, students and non-profits in and outside Zimbabwe to serve its members and advance the science and practice of biodiversity conservation in the country.

This seminar is the inaugural public event of the Chapter. Zimbabwe is popular for its wildlife and wild places including elephants, rhinos, lions, wild dogs and iconic parks like Hwange and Gona reZhou. It is therefore fitting that the first seminar will be focused on the history of wildlife conservation in the country and the future by David Cumming.

David Cumming, is a distinguished Zimbabwean conservationist, who is a founding member of the global Society for Conservation Biology. Through a life long career, David has worked in various roles in the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Department, WWF, universities and consultancy. Currently he is a Research Associate at University of Zimbabwe and an Honorary Professor at the Fitzpatrick Institute of Ornithology, University of Capetown, South Africa. He continues to do work as a consultant based out of Harare, Zimbabwe.

His research interests include large herbivore impacts on savanna systems and the interaction between elephants and termites and how they influence biodiversity and ecosystem processes in miombo woodlands. Large-scale conservation and the management, resilience, and sustainability of transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs) in southern Africa are also areas of interest.