The two were arrested for attempting to sell elephant tusks

It is believed the two got the elephant tusks after poaching activities inside the Mole National Park.

The Manager of the Mole National Park Mr Ali Mahama declined to talk to Bole based Nkilgi FM because according to him investigations into the issue is inconclusive and that authorities at the park will brief the media at the right time.

The Mole National park is guarded by professional rangers, but notwithstanding this, poaching has been the biggest threat at the Mole National Park which is the largest in Ghana.

Poachers target elephants for their tusks and other animals for meat and officers who have encountered these poachers said they are armed with sophisticated weapons and mostly operate during rainy season when the grasses grow thick to provide hideouts.

Poachers killed an officer at the park in 2002 and in March 2018 another wildlife officer the Park was shot dead by suspected poachers.

A wildlife census conducted at the Mole National Park on 2019 revealed that the park has a healthy and growing wildlife population capable of putting the country on the global map of great wildlife tourist destinations.

The census conducted from January to April 2019 by the Forestry Commission’s Wildlife Division, in partnership with a Namibian consortium comprising Bushskies photography and the Namibian University of Science and Technology, with funding from the European Union (EU) estimated that the elephant population of the Mole National Park was about 436