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Zimbabwe – 91 year old Hwange an killed by elephant

New Zimbabwe

91-Year-Old Hwange Granny Killed By Elephant

By Matabeleland North Correspondent

A NONAGENARIAN man from a village just outside Hwange town was early this week trampled to death by an elephant while rounding up his cattle.

The death comes as more reports are received by authorities of elephants that are terrorising residents in Hwange town’s Number 1, Number 2, and Number 5 suburbs as well as surrounding Chibondo and Shangano villages.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) rangers have since put down two jumbos in Number 5 suburb and Chibondo village in the past week after they were deemed as dangerous to humans.

The killed elephants were part of herds that are freely roaming the streets destroying people’s gardens, fruit trees, and in some instances chasing residents.

The killed villager was identified as Siancumbi Mungombe and was killed while rounding up his cattle Monday.

Elijah Nkomo who is employed by the Hwange Rural District Council, and helped Shangano villagers under Chief Nekatambe to report the attack, said the deceased’s body was found in the grazing area a day after the incident with a fractured left leg and bruises all over the body.

“Siancumbi Mungombe left home around 3 pm after telling his wife Grace Tshuma (81) that he was going to look for cattle in the nearby grazing area,” said Nkomo.

“He didn’t return home and the following day his wife informed other villagers that her husband had not returned home.”

The villagers formed a search party that left for the bush where the body was found around 10 am Tuesday.

Mungombe’s left leg was fractured while he had bruises on the face. Villagers also noticed elephant spoors around the body.

Police who attended the scene and recovered the body while Hwange magistrate Barbara Phiri waived postmortem because no foul play was suspected.

Mungombe was buried Wednesday afternoon in Shangano village.

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