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FILE PHOTO: Authorities in Kenya reported a fire at the country’s Tsavo East National Park on Wednesday, the fifth such incident in the park. COURTESY: Daily Nation

A fire broke out in Tsavo East National Park in southeast Kenya on Wednesday, local media reported.

Reports indicate that the fire, the fifth such incident in the park in just three months, started in Taita village area in Voi.

“We will start investigation once we put out the fire. For now we are mobilising to immediately start putting out the fire,” Tsavo conservation area assistant director Robert Njue told the Daily Nation.

The cause of the latest fire has not yet been established.

The last incident, which started at Lualenyi Ranch, reported about a week ago destroyed thousands of acres of vegetation.

Another fire ravaged the park in June destroying nearly 200 acres of the park while in May a similar incident saw an estimated 4,000 acres of vegetation destroyed.

The Tsavo National Park forms the largest protected area in Kenya and is home to most of the larger mammals, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

The last two years have seen some of Kenya’s forests and national parks destroyed by a string of fires.

In early 2019, the Mount Kenya forest ecosystem was hit by a series of fires which resulted in the death of several animals and the destruction of parts of the area’s moorland and bamboo vegetation.