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Malawi – Hyenas kill woman in Ntcheu



Hyenas in Ntcheu on Saturday killed a 56-year-old woman who got drunk and slept in a bush.

The incident occurred on Saturday at Doviko in Traditional Authority Mpando, Ntcheu.

Ntcheu Police Publicist Sub-inspector Hastings Chigalu identified the woman as Ellenita Zembeleni.

Chigalu said the woman used to drink locally brewed beer with her husband, Emiliano Kwaderanji, 74, at local joints.

On Saturday, the couple decided to leave the drinking place for home separately and the man was the first to call it quits.

He left the drinking joint in good time leaving behind his wife still enjoying the locally brewed drink.

Heavily drunk, at around 2300 hours, the woman started off home alone.

While on her way back home, Zembeleni failed to complete the journey and decided to find a sleeping place within the nearby bush.

The woman had no knowledge that hungry wild beasts, the hyenas, were in the area hunting for food.

In the first attempt when a single hyena attacked her, a young man managed to chase away the hyena. This was after the woman screamed for help.

The young gentleman thought that the hyena had gone away for good, little did he know that it had left to ask for more support from other beasts.

The young man left for nearby houses to ask for assistance to take the woman to safety.

Unfortunately, a return to the scene by the young man, in the company of more villagers, found the woman’s body in the jaws of a group of hyenas.

People just managed to rescue only small parts of the woman’s body.

Ellenita Zembeleni, hailed from Sawu village, traditional authority Phambala, Ntcheu.

Ntcheu district last registered a case involving hyenas and people in November, 2018, when a marauding hyena, during day time, chopped off an eleven year old boy’s both hands, and seriously wounded other three people before it was neutralized by police.

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