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1:46 CAT | 24 Jun 2020
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File photo: RM

Herds of elephants and buffalo are destroying smallholdings and crops in Nhamatanda district, Sofala province.

Incidents have been recorded in Bebedo, Nhampoca and Metuchira, all of which border the Gorongosa National Park, from where the animals come.

Pedro Fernando, community leader of Nhassalaze village in Metuchira, says that the animals also come into the village, causing panic.

“They are always spoiling things – sugarcane, papayas and corn. These are the crops we live on, and chasing away large animals like these… . Well, they’re not chased away just like that,” he says.

The problem has been going on for several years and is already well known to the Nhamatanda government.

The director of District Economic Activities Services there, Fernando Chimbula, says that joint actions are taking place with the Gorongosa National Park to halt the ravages of the elephant and buffalo herds.

“We have made contact, and they have promised to impose controls. If there is any further trouble, we will again ask the Park to monitor these animals,” he said.

Source: Rádio Moçambique