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Dead Elephant Samples Yet To Go To South Africa.

New information is that the samples of dead elephants in the Okavango panhandle are yet to be taken to a South African lab contrary to earlier revelations.

Regional Wildlife Coordinator told environmental journalist Boniface Keakabetse today that there has been a delay to take samples to South Africa due to COVID-19 movement restrictions. The Department of Veterinary Services is tasked with transporting the samples but this has reportedly been hampered by covid restrictions in South Africa restricting importation of such samples. Ntshebe said negotiations are ongoing between authorities of the two countries following COVID-19 protocols.

Meanwhile Ntshebe revealed that as of yesterday a total of 164 carcasses have now been discovered since the outbreak of the mysterious disease in May.

He further revealed that they have taken samples from Elephants in other areas and compared them to those in Panhandle in an effort to find out what could be wrong with panhandle elephants. He also stated that they will liase with their Namibian counterpart to find out if there are similar cases in that country. Some of carcasses have been discovered very close to the Namibian boarder.

Results from National laboratory recently ruled out anthrax as source of death. The cause of death still remains a mystery a month after the first was recorded.

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