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Ministry suspect anthrax as cause of Elephants death while awaiting results

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment ,Dr OldMan Koboto has revealed that their initial suspicious are that the elephants which were found dead in Okavango panhandle area, died from anthrax.

Koboto explained that their investigations are ongoing and samples from carcasses will determine what is the real cause of death.

Anthrax elephant deaths are common in Ngamiland and Chobe.

Meanwhile an expert within DWNP close to the investigation has revealed that so far investigating team has an aeroplane and boat at its disposal to investigate. ‘ some experts are not convinced this could be anthrax deaths. we can only know the truth when results come out.

Another source pointed out the fact that the carcasses were discovered closer to villages and had all tusks intact rule out the possibility of poaching.

Further he stated that human and wildlife conflicts are common during this period and there could be a possibility of them having been poisoned in ploughing fields or water hole.