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BDF kills 5 poachers in one week


BDF kills 5 poachers in one week

The Botswana Defence Force (BDF) has announced that they have killed five poachers in one week.

PRESS RELEASE: The Botswana Defence Force (BDF) in the execution of its mission of defending Botswana’s Territorial Integrity, Sovereignty and National Interests, informs the public about two (2) incidents within a space of one (1) week, whereby there was an exchange of fire between BDF members and poachers.

The first incident occurred on the 30th March 2020 around the Shaile/Linyanti area, where one (1) poacher was killed in a fire fight. The second incident occurred this morning on the 2nd April 2020 east of the Linyanti area, in another fire fight, where four (4) poachers were killed. In their continued declaration of war on BDF members, the poachers in both incidents used weapons of war, hunting rifles and other tools of their trade.  

As a professional, prompt and decisive force, the BDF will continue to execute its mission and other assigned tasks, whilst concurrently in collaboration with all Batswana fight a war against the invisible enemy in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BDF therefore, appeals to all Batswana to join its members in fighting COVID-19 through adherence and compliance to the extreme social distancing pronounced by His Excellency the President and Commander in Chief coupled with precautions outlined by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. This is necessary for securing public safety and the defence of the Republic.

Colonel Tebo K Dikole