IPP Media

December 19, 2019

Farmers from Lengast village, Naisinyai Ward in Simanjiro district Manyara region have complained that elephants have been invading their farms and eat crops. Speaking on Tuesday before the Simanjiro District Commissioner (DC) Zephania Chaula during his visit to the village, the villagers said elephants had become a big menace to them.

One of the elders, Kanunga Lembesei said following the menace, they were requesting the government to take actions to place at bay the beasts, as the farmers were now doing farming for no gain to themselves.

Another resident Rebecca Lazier said government leaders should intervene before the animals start attacking people after finishing with the crops. “The government said it will not distribute food as assistance, hence people must cultivate, and we have done just that but elephants have invaded our farms and destroyed the crops and we are unable to do anything about it,” he added.

However, the Simanjiro DC Zephania Chaula called on the villagers not to approach the elephants whenever they see them, as it should not happen like what happened at Lemkuna village recently when elephants killed one person.

He said: “Whenever there are problems from elephants you have to report to the village leader who will refer the issue to wildlife officials for compensation.”