Gabon Review


Jean-Thimothé Kanganga,
November 24, 2019

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Oyem judicial police officers have just carried out a major operation to fight poaching, with the seizure on November 21 in Mitzic of 27 ivory tusks estimated at 120 kilograms, reports the Gabonese News Agency (AGP).

The ivory was found hidden in a sack of rice in the trunk of a pick-up at the edge of which was Robert Ayafor, a 39-year-old Cameroonian national, and Gabonese friend of 43 years, Arsene Nguialebe.

Conducted jointly with the NGO Conservation Justice, the hunt was launched after an alert given by local residents about the suspicious presence of a bag in a vehicle rallying Mitzic. After a stalking of nearly an hour, Robert Ayafor and his accomplice Arsene Nguialebe were caught a few kilometers from the capital of the Okano department, thanks to the bravery of the agents of the judicial police.

Subject to a lively interrogation, Arsene Nguialebe and his friend ended up giving the name of their accomplice. One Christian Mbongo, 43 years old Gabonese, residing in Ouesso village.

With all three currently in Oyem police headquarters, the defendants should be brought before the judge in the next few days. They will have to answer for their actions, according to the law.

They risk 10 years of prisons each.