Club of Mozambique

18 Nov 2019

File photo: DW

Around 174 tonnes of timber are illegally transported every day from Gaza province, southern Mozambique, to other parts of the country, with some districts now almost without trees, warned the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC).

“In an analysis we made, the figures indicate that 174 tons of timber are transported illegally every day,” said the director of Protection and Inspection of ANAC, Carlos Pereira, quoted today by the daily newspaper Notícias.

In Massingir district, for example, there are almost no trees left, due to indiscriminate and illegal logging, he added.

“We are destroying our forest,” said Carlos Pereira, noting that in addition to being cut down for commercial purposes, the trees are destroyed by the population for firewood.

“We have to find alternatives for those people who live off the charcoal activity” made from wood, defended the director of Protection and Inspection of ANAC.

Several national and international reports indicate that Mozambican forests are the scene of environmental crimes, especially illegal logging.

The government estimates that Mozambique loses between €140 and €187 million annually due to timber smuggling.

Source: Lusa