A wonderful letter written by Jens Ulrik Høgh to the British Prime Minister.

Open letter to Boris Johnson. 

Dear Boris,

Over the weekend it has been announced, that the UK government under your leadership will try to find a majority in the British parliament for a hunting trophy import ban – a potential disaster to wildlife conservation around the globe

Apparently, you have appointed a well-known animal rights fanatic – Zac Goldsmith – to be “Minister for International Wildlife”. A new position seemingly created with a wish to interfere with the nature management of other nations.

The third world countries that will be affected by a ban have actually done an excellent job when it comes to nature conservation. This is a well-documented fact. They have achieved great results with a fact-based approach utilizing all efficient nature conservation tools including hunting tourism. This was recently confirmed in a letter to the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Science” in which 133 international nature conservation professionals from the scientific community documented that: “Trophy hunting bans imperil biodiversity”

However, in spite of the scientific consensus, I understand that the British government wants to push an import ban on purely moral grounds. This is populistic virtue-signaling, it is anti-scientific, and it is neo-colonial arrogance towards African nations.

I personally do not mind whether or not your girlfriend is a passionate anti-hunter. I do not mind that you invent new positions for your political friends. I do understand that all of this would be a nice political diversion from Brexit.

However, I do mind if the British government takes out frustrations on the wildlife of our world. I do mind the interference with successful African nature management. I do mind if you destroy the livelihood of tens of thousands of people in rural Africa.

So, unless you have a proven viable alternative to hunting tourism I suggest you listen to science, and I suggest you start with the IUCN – an organization that several official British nature authorities are a part of.

I hope this is all a mistake and I trust you to clear it up. “Boris the wildlife destroyer” would be a sad political legacy for the history books.

Kind regards

Jens Ulrik Høgh
Nordic Safari Club