Afrique Panorama
August 9, 2019


On Tuesday, August 6, dozens of heavily armed poachers attacked the
elements of the Forest and Wildlife Guard (GFF) in the Réserve de faune de Binder-Léré.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Water, Environment and
Fisheries, these poachers come from the Cameroonian territory, adding that
today poachers have advanced weaponry ranging from automatic weapons, night
visionists to satellite communication means.

“The contribution of the Cameroonian authorities to the fight against
poaching is desirable in order to stem poachers’ actions in this wildlife
reserve. Similarly, a tripartite agreement between Cameroon, the Central
African Republic and Chad is needed to thwart poachers,” the statement

Seven elephant carcasses were found in the Reserve by GFF elements as they
pursued the poachers.

According to the terms of the press release, further information regarding
the attack will be provided later. To be continued?