Groupe Congo Medias
July 30, 2019

The Impfondo District Court in the Likouala Department delivered its
verdict on July 25, 2019 on the case of six wildlife traffickers. These
wildlife offenders had been arrested in the act of holding and movement of
ten pieces of ivory, a bag of giant pangolin scales and a panther skin on
27 February 2019 the same locality.

Four of these six traffickers namely: UNWTO Merlin Thibault, MOBULA
Genesis, ANTOUNGA MANI Pie and DJAMAL Adam were sentenced to 18 months
imprisonment together with five hundred thousand (500,000) fines and five
hundred thousand (500,000) f cfa damages and interest each.

Messrs ENGOKO MATOUBOU Don and BOLIA MBEMBA Bovic whose guilt was
established in this case, will pay to the Congolese State, five hundred
thousand (500,000) CFA francs and one hundred thousand (100,000) CFA
damages each.

They were found guilty of import of the products and slaughter of a
strictly protected animal species.

It was a network of wildlife traffickers in which there are Central
Africans, Congolese from the DRC and those from Congo Brazzaville. The
seized goods originated in the DRC for some and the localities of the
Likouala Department for others. Each of them in this traffic had a
well-defined role: marketers, sellers, carriers.

They were arrested by officers of the Departmental Forest Economy and the
elements of the National Gendarmerie with the support of the PALF (Project
Supporting the Application of the Wildlife Act).

This verdict of Impfondo Court of First Instance once again reflects the
will of the Congo which is committed to protecting its natural resources in
accordance with the texts regulating this sector. The elephant, the panther
and the giant pangolin are part of the animal species fully protected in
the Republic of Congo.

Article 27 of the Congolese law on the protection of these wildlife species
stipulates: “the importation; export; the detention and transit over the
national territory of fully protected species; as well as their trophies
are strictly forbidden; except special derogation of the water and forest
administration; for the purposes of scientific research”.