June 22, 2019

ENTEBBE, UGANDA: Chinese investors in Uganda on Friday signed a pledge
committing to conserve biodiversity and show zero tolerance to wildlife
trade and trafficking.

Under their umbrella body, the Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce in
Uganda, more than 100 company representatives signed on the pledge in
Entebbe, 40 km south of the capital Kampala.

At the signing event held at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, an
animal sanctuary, Cao Lina, one of the representatives, said that Chinese
companies are committed to conserving wildlife in Uganda.

“We are honored to be part of this great initiative to protect the
endangered wildlife in Uganda. We understand how important this is for the
future generations to come. We say no to poaching and illegal trade of
parts of these animals and the animals,” Cao said.

Wildlife Conservation Society Uganda, the organizer of the event, said the
Chinese companies would help create awareness about the dangers of illegal
wildlife trade and biodiversity destruction, and the importance of
compliance to legal standards and international best practices.

“Wildlife conservation is crucial for the long-term and sustainable
development of Uganda. Chinese enterprises operating in Uganda have a
significant role they play in the implementation of development projects
across the country,” the conservation organization said in a statement.

“The pledge is a demonstration of the signatories’ personal and collective
commitment to educate themselves and their respective employees about the
dangers of biodiversity destruction and illegal trade and trafficking of
wildlife and their products in Uganda,” the statement added.

The Chinese enterprises were joined by Uganda’s government conservation
agencies to sign the pledge.

The representatives were also given a tour of the animal sanctuary which
houses rhinos, lions, chimpanzees, among other animals.