The Namibian

by Tuyeimo Haidula

Two lions pictured at the Etosha National Park. Photo: Nampa, for illustration purposes.

TWO lions have reportedly escaped from Etosha National Park and are suspected to be frequenting the area along the Oshivelo-Omuthiya road.

Environment ministry spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda confirmed the matter this morning, adding that the lions were last spotted around Casablanca village, located less than 10 kilometres north of Oshivelo.

Muyunda said environment ministry staff members are on the ground.

“We have been tracking the spores. We have an indication that they didn’t cross the road to the eastern side and they are still on the western side. We are also suspicious that they might have gone back in the pack,” he said.

He said the lions have killed a cow, just between Casablanca and Oshivelo a short distance from the fence.

Muyunda said everyone should take precautions while the ministry is working around the clock to make sure the lions are back in the park.