Citizen (Tanzania)

MONDAY MAY 27 2019

By Anthony Mayunga @TheCitizenTZ

Serengeti. An attempt to drive elephants away from a farm has caused the death of one villager at Bukore in Serengeti District, Mara Region.

The fallen, Ms Motondi Shakanyi (26), braved the elephants following an invasion of a herd of jumbos in their farm, but the ultimate end of her bravery was death. She trampled on by an agitated behemoth.

The Serengeti District Commissioner, Mr Nurdin Babu, told The Citizen on Monday, May 27, 2019, that the incident occurred at around 3am.

“The incident occurred as Ms Shakanyi and her relatives were attempting to drive the animals away after invading their farm and destroying crops,” he said.

Mr Babu called on citizens to report all elephants invasions to relevant authorities in order to get game wardens service, which will help avoid tragic incidents.

Speaking on the incident, the deceased’s brother, Mr Karela Nzumbe, said after learning that the elephants had invaded their farms, he left the house with his brother in order to drive them away, leaving behind their mother and the deceased.