The Namibian

by Lugeretzia Kooper

Man denied bail for possession of six elephant tusks

A MAN was denied bail on a charge of possession of six elephant tusks yesterday in the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court.

Mathew Mwilima (35), was arrested on Tuesday night at Kopani village in the Masokotwani area after the police received a tip off from community members that he and three other suspects were in possession of six elephant tusks.

Mwilima’s case was postponed to 22 July pending further investigations.

Zambezi regional police commissioner Karel Theron told The Namibian today that the other three suspects are still at large after they fled.

“We suspect that they poached the elephants in Botswana and were on their way to Zambia. The six elephant tusks, the car and other items were successfully retrieved. Investigation still continue, but preliminary investigations indicate that the other suspects might be Zambians,” he noted.

Mwilima appeared before magistrate Clara Mwilima, while the state prosecutor in the case was Diana Khama.

CONFISCATED … Six elephant tusks were confiscated on Tuesday evening after the police in the Zambezi investigated a tip off from community members about people in possession of elephant tusks. However only one suspect was arrested as the other three fled the scene.