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April 25, 2019
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Fifty-eight elephants and three rhinos were killed in various conservation
areas during the year 2018. In the same period, authorities seized 42 kg of
rhinoceros horns and 3,487 kg of ivory tusks, also coming from forbidden

The data were revealed Wednesday by the Attorney General of the Republic
during the presentation of the annual report on the situation of justice
and legality.

Beatriz Buchili recalled that environmental crimes are a threat to the
ecological balance, warning that Mozambique continues to register high
rates of slaughter of protected species of fauna and flora. In addition to
the slaughter of protected species, the PGR also criticized the trafficking
of trophies seized.

For example, in April 2017 a container with a little more than three
kilograms of ivory tips cataloged by the National Administration of
Conservation Areas (ANAC) in process of export to the United Kingdom of
Cambodia was seized in the Port of Maputo. The recipient was a Mozambican
clothing trade company that, meanwhile, was engaged in trafficking in
protected species.

In this case, a criminal case was opened that is in the preparatory
investigation phase, with three defendants in provisional freedom.

As early as December 2018, the Cambodian customs authorities seized 3.2
tonnes of ivory tusks also registered and cataloged by ANAC. The ivory was
stored in a container that had left Mozambique a year ago and was in one of
the ports of Cambodia.

Regarding this apprehension, the PGR did not say whether or not there was a
criminal proceeding opened by the Public Prosecution Service, much less if
there were any indication of Mozambicans involved. It noted, however, that
steps are being taken in Mozambique and the United Kingdom of Cambodia to
identify and hold those responsible accountable.

The report by Beatriz Buchili also contains data on arrests made in the
cross-border conservation areas: 535 illegal hunters (14 of whom were
foreign) were taken to jail indicted for the commission of felony offenses
for prohibited or protected species. In the same action, the authorities
seized 158 weapons of conventional and artisanal manufacture.

>From 2018 to this part, the Public Prosecution Service filed a total of 639
cases related to crimes against biodiversity. The number represents an
increase of 15 cases in relation to the previous period.

“619 cases were dispatched, 535 were indicted and abstented in 84, of which
they were filed and 60 awaited the production of the best evidence,”
Beatriz Buchili said in her last report for the first term as PGR.