Diario de Noticias
April 21, 2019

The Mozambican police and inspectors of Gorongosa National Park (PNG)
seized two elephant tusks and detained two alleged intermediaries selling
ivory, a police source said in the town of Dondo on Monday.

The two detainees, aged 33 and 26, were urged to transport their prey from
Muanza, near the park, to Dondo, on the outskirts of Beira, the capital of
Sofala province, said Daniel Macuacua, a spokesman for the provincial
command of the Republic of Mozambique Police (PRM).

The 75 kilograms of ivory would be delivered to buyers who fled when PNG
inspectors questioned the intermediaries.

“The deal involved four more people. There is a follow-up work” that is
being done, the spokesman added.

According to the PRM, the intermediaries will have negotiated with the
buyers to sell each kilo of ivory at 2,500 meticais, which in this case
would total 187,500 meticais (about 2,600 euros).

However, the two detainees told reporters that they would receive 10,000
meticais each (about 138 euros).

The operation results from a joint work of the PRM with the prosecutors
after having found clues on the illegal traffic of ivory.

“We believe that the elephant will have been slaughtered in the Gorongosa
National Park,” concluded Daniel Macuacua.