Groupe Congo Medias
April 9, 2019

This verdict was rendered on 4 April 2019, by the High Court of Owando in
the Department of the Cuvette. The verdict pertained to a case involving
wildlife offenders arrested in the act of holding six ivory tusks, a PMAK
type weapon and ammunition on February 11, 2019 in Makoua.

EVOURA Vianney, NGOUA ISSOKO Justin, all of Congolese nationality and KOLON
Koumar?, of Malian nationality were sentenced to three years’ imprisonment,
together with two million (2,000,000) CFA francs in damages.

EVOURA Vianney must also pay a two hundred thousand (200,000) FCFA fine to
the Congolese state.

Elephant slaughter, the marketing of trophies of fully protected species
and illegal possession of weapons of war are the facts justifying this
decision of the High Court of this locality.

EVOURA Vianney, NGOUA ISSOKO Justin and KOLON Koumar? were arrested by the
eco-guards of the PNOK (Odzala Kokoua National Park) with the help of the
elements of the national police.

The elephant is threatened with extinction in the Congo because of poaching
for its tusks. That is why the government of the Republic and its partners
for some time have redoubled their vigilance, to hunt down all those who
would hinder the law in terms of protection of wildlife. Thus several
traffickers of wildlife products are regularly arrested, tried and
convicted across the country.

By way of illustration, two hearings on wildlife crime are planned at
Dolisie in Niari Department and Sibiti in Lekoumou.

In Dolisie, three alleged wildlife offenders will appear on April 11, 2019
at the Court of Appeal of this locality. The latter had been arrested in
the flagrante delicto detention and illegal circulation of two tusks of
ivory, November 25, 2017.

At the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Sibiti, the hearing scheduled for
April 12 concerns the case of two subjects Congolese apprehended, November
27, 2017 in Zanaga in the L?koumou. They are being prosecuted for killing

The arrests of these alleged wildlife offenders were the work of the
officers of the Departmental Water and Forest Directions (Niari and
Lekoumou) and the National Gendarmerie with the support of the PALF (Law
Enforcement Support Project).

These defendants are liable to up to five (5) years imprisonment under the
laws regulating this sector.

Article 27 of Law 37/2008, of 28 November 2008, on fauna and protected
areas states: ?import; export; the detention and transit over the national
territory of fully protected species; as well as their trophies are
strictly forbidden.?