My name is John Hume and I own and operate a White Rhino Captive Breeding Operation on my property Buffalo Dream Ranch in the North West Province of South Africa.  We have 1,642 Southern White Rhino on the ranch (nearly 10% of the world’s remaining white rhinos), of which 300 are currently pregnant and due to birth over the next 16 months. Since April 2018 I have been running out of financial resources necessary to continue operations and in that month we only had reserves to carry us until the following August.  Through the income generated that month by selling some of our rhinos to Swaziland, we managed to keep our rhinos fed and properly protected, until now. Sadly, the North West Province has been suffering a most severe drought, and this has had a terrible impact on the natural feed available to the rhinos. We have been forced to buy in supplementary feed way beyond normal volumes to keep the animals properly fed and healthy, which has exhausted the lifeline received from the Swaziland sale much faster than we anticipated.  As from 1 February 2019, we quite simply have no financial resources left to continue caring for our herd.


No more money means no more feed deliveries from suppliers, and pressure on salaries for our nearly 100 staff who are so vital for the care and protection of these rhinos. The catastrophic impact of this scenario will be slow starvation of these beautiful African animals, with them all being left at the mercy of poachers.


So, this is an URGENT APPEAL FOR HELP.  We are heartbroken at the situation, and desperate to save these animals..  I am now 77 years old and need to start thinking about handing over this vital heritage project to the next generation of rhino custodians. I am thus totally open to any suggestions or proposals that might offer a solution to our current financial predicament.  Options could include sale of the project in its entirety or sale of a share, rhino ownership schemes, ownership in only the rhino population growth, funding of security costs only, or even just donations for feed. Whatever the solution, it needs to happen quickly to avoid the inevitable disaster described.

Should you be a potential investor, contributor or major donor interested in becoming part of the survival of this very important rhino population, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome any and all discussions on a possible way forward for these animals and will be eternally grateful for your help.

Should you be a concerned and compassionate member of the public, then you can also help by donating all you can afford at Browse our website for lots more information on our project too.


I look forward to hearing from you.

John Hume


P O BOX 14261, FLAMWOOD WALK, 2535, South Africa.

Phone:  +27(013).792-4717; Fax: +27(013).792- 4717.