Ivory trafficking: Another Chinese falls to Aibd (Senegal)

April 11, 2019

On 09 April, at the Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD), the
elements of the Anti Traffic Airport Cell (CAAT) again brilliantly
intervened for Trafic International d’Ivoire.

These facts come just one month after the arrest of a Chinese woman for the
same elephant ivory trafficking incidents at the AIBD who, after spending
30 days behind bars, on the eve of her judgment at the TGI de Mbour,
through its diplomatic representation in Senegal, benefited from a regular
financial transaction with the DEFC and thus regained its freedom.

Thus, thanks to the flair of the elements of the CAAT, this Tuesday, April
09, a Chinese national, residing in Dakar and leaving for China, with
wildlife smuggling products concealed in his suitcases was arrested with 27
pieces of ivory of elephant freshly carved and cleverly concealed in
sachets and jars of coffee and milk powder, as well as 11 jewels carved in
ebony, a precious wood that like ivory, enjoys a maximum and total status
in Senegal, whose illegal trade has also been heavily sanctioned since
January 2019 through the implementation of the new Forest Code.

Immediately close collaboration is established between the CAAT, the DEFC
(Directorate of Water and Forestry and Hunting) masters of the prosecution
of wildlife crime and trafficking of precious wood, supported by the
wildlife legal expertise of the project EAGLE Senegal (Eco Activists for
Governance and Law Enforcement) to hear the alleged trafficker, a man of
Chinese nationality, working for a Chinese construction company based in

The defendant is currently being held in custody at the Airport Special
Commission on behalf of DEFC and CAAT for illegal movement, possession and
export of elephant ivory and ebony, for an estimated value of 1 million CFA
francs, which would have brought him three times to Asia, since the price
of ivory can go up to $ 2500 per kilo on the illegal market.

The penalties and fines that could be levied against him for trafficking in
ivory and fully protected timber range from 5 to 10 years imprisonment and
fines of 5 to 10 million CFA.

As a reminder Ivory and wood smuggling is the subject of a “zero tolerance”
in Senegal. That China, which was the main “consumer and sponsor” of
African ivory, took its responsibilities by a landmark decision in 2017 by
voting for the total ban of ivory trade on its territory.

With an unprecedented and unprecedented pace of hundreds of illegal
elephant killings throughout Africa (1 elephant poached and killed for its
ivory every 15 minutes – According to the UN, dangerous connections
recognized with rebel armed gangs or terrorists, such as the Jenjawid, Boko
Haram, LRA and Al Shabab who self-finance their war crimes with poaching
and selling ivory elephants).

We wager that through this new operation of Wildlife Crime at the AIBD,
which comes just 1 month after the arrest of another Chinese for the same
wildlife crime, the Government sends a new signal to traffickers from all
walks of life, on the prohibition of this illegal bloody trade and the
“zero tolerance” applied in the treatment of these two types of traffic
(ivory / precious wood) throughout the national territory.