Gabon ActuCarl Nsitou,
April 3, 2019

Deux présumés chasseurs d’éléphants interpellés avec des armes de guerre dans le Haut Ogooué
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LIBREVILLE: Two Gabonese citizens suspected to be elephant hunters were
arrested with two Kalashnikovs and 114 cartouches in the Upper Ogooue
province in southeastern Gabon, Gabonese national television reported on

Serge Bangoula and Fabrice Moungoubadi have been caught in the bag
following a trap laid by elements of the counter-interference of the
provinces of Ogooue Ivindo and Haut Ogooue.

The hunt for the two hunters was launched following a report drawn up by
the international environmental NGO WCS Congo Brazzaville on a dark ivory
traffic on the border between Gabon and Congo.

The two alleged elephant hunters admitted that their weapons were used only
to slaughter wild boars, an animal whose delicious meat is very popular in

Presented to a public prosecutor, the two accomplices risk big. The
investigators have not yet concluded the investigation.