Daily News (Tanzania)


The police force in Serengeti has vowed to continue taking legal measures
against IKona Wildlife Management (WMA), Village Game Scouts (VGS), if
found poaching instead of protecting wild animals. Presently the WMA is
bordering Serengeti National Park and IKorongo / Grumeti Game Reserves in
Western Serengeti.

The WMA management employs local men and women called VGS to protect wild
animals against poaching acts. But some of them had been arrested and they
are now facing poaching related charges at a court in Mugumu.

Besides that a Toyota land cruiser pick up belonging to the WMA had been
impounded after it was linked with transport of bush meat locally known as
vimoro, according to the Serengeti Officer Commanding District (OCD), SP
Mathew Mgema.

“The suspects are facing poaching charges in court and the WMA vehicle is
being withheld awaiting the outcome of the court ruling”, said SP Mgema.
Speaking when he was presiding over a winding up of a special anti-poaching
course that involved 25 VGS, from the WMA inside Western Serengeti
ecosystem recently, SP Mgema warned the VGS against engaging in poaching

“Last year (2018) two VGS were arrested and there was also another arrest
involving the VGS this year (2019). You don’t even need to be suspected. If
you repeat you will see and no one will be spared from facing tough legal
measures”, the OCD repeatedly warned the VGS.

The fifth phase government under President John Magufuli administration
intensified the war against poaching since it was voted to power in 2015 by
taking legal measures against those found involved in poaching. The
government?s conservation campaign is reportedly bearing fruit with the
number of elephants and other endangered wild animals going up.

The Serengeti OCD describes the poaching allegations facing the VGS as
shameful to people who are entrusted with protecting wild animals. When
reached for comment Ikona WMA Secretary Mr Y usufu Manyanda confirmed that
three men including two VGS had been red over poaching allegations.

“A total three men of which two are VGS and one member of the WMA
Association Authority (AA), had been suspended due to poaching
allegations”, Mr Manyanda said without going into details.

The WMA generates up to 3 billion shillings from several tourism investors
every year. Large part of the WMA’s income comes from Singita Grumeti which
operates several world class lodges within the vicinity of a 350,000  acre
concession bordering the WMA and world famous Serengeti National Park and
the WMA.

Singita Grumeti conducts photographic tourism in the WMA which forms
integral part of the Serengeti ecosystem. The ?Daily News? understands that
the MWA has received 1,529,289 US dollars (over 3.5 billion shillings),
from Singita Grumeti between 2014 and 2018 alone. The money is supposed to
support local development in five villages that formed the WMA in 2007. The
villages are Robanda, Park Nyigoti, Makundusi, Nyichoka and Natta.

“This year alone we have earned around 2 billion shillings of which 50 per
cent is directed to community the other 50 percent on conservation and
administrative matters”, Mr Manyanda said. SP Mgema (Serengeti OCD),
underscored the importance of protecting the WMA by ensuring that it
remains free from poachers and livestock keepers citing it?s significant
contribution on social and economic development in the five villages.

“Let people stop taking livestock to graze in the WMA. Each of the five
villages is getting millions of money coming from tourism. Tourists coming
would like to see beautiful wild animals and not cows”, the district police
chief said.

He expressed optimism that the VGS will change and become good ambassadors
of wildlife conservation in the WMA and other wildlife conservation areas
in Western Serengeti.

“I believe there will be changes after this training. Conduct patrols day
and night to end poaching and grazing of livestock in the WMA”, SP Mgema
pointed out on parts of his remarks. The OCD presided over the VGS’s
training winding up occasion on behalf of Serengeti District Commissioner
(DC), Mr Nurdin Babu. The anti-poaching course was jointly organized by
Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZ S), in collaboration with Pasiansi
Wildlife Training Institute (PWTI).

He also reminded the VGS to observe professionalism and have good working
relationship with the tourism investors operating in the area. Mr Masegeri
Tumbuya from FZ S at Serengeti office said conservation of the Ikona WMA is
imperative for sustainable conservation Serengeti ecosystem and development
of local communities. ?Ecologically Ikona WMA is a very important wildlife
corridor in Western Serengeti?, Mr Tumbuya who is so familiar with
conservation matters in Serengeti said on part of his remarks during the

He said the training was designed to capacitate the VGS so that they can
intensify anti- poaching patrols within the WMA covering nearly 250 square
kilometres. The two-week training was funded by Government of Germany
through KFW Development Bank. It covered wildlife conservation laws,
ethics, human rights and etchings the VGS could apply when dealing with
poachers and wild animals like rampaging elephants invading local
communities to destroy farmers crops.

“All these efforts are meant to protect IKona WMA and the local communities
must continue seeing the economic benets of conservation”, Mr Tumbuya who
is the FZ S Community Conservation Manger in Serengeti said. Mr Tumbuya
echoed with the Serengeti OCD that Ikona WMA is earning substantial revenue
that can make big impact in funding conservation and local development
activities that could would have transformed lives of the citizens living
in the five villages.

However good news is that the wild animal?s population is going up within
the WMA, thanks to on-going conservation efforts by the government in
collaboration with other key stakeholders such as FZ S and Grumeti Fund.
?At this time Ikona WMA has many different wild animals, let us protect
them?, and admits IKona WMA chairman Mr Elias Chama. That is to say the WMA
is now home to beautiful animals, which include elephants, buffalo,
giraffe, wildebeest and zebra.