Citizen (Tanzania)

February 24, 2019

ARUSHA: The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (Tawa), in cooperation
with the national task force against poaching, has broken a network of
poaching after arresting over 30 kingpins in one year.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to The Citizen, the Tawa deputy
commissioner for Conservation and Poaching Control Unit, Mr Mabula
Misungwi, said the controlling of the notorious poachers had made elephants
become safer.

However, he said a case had been lodged against the accused while other
suspects were under investigations, explaining that the aim was to ensure
that all the suspects were taken to a court of law.

“We have discovered poaching networks as each has at least eight people:
the main buyer, cash suppliers, gun target shooters, transporters and other
service providers,” said Misungwi.

Misungwi explained that in fighting poaching they decided to fight against
such groups and that they managed to control them, saying Tanzania had
become a model in poaching control in Africa.

“We have controlled poaching because of controlling our intelligentsia,
especially when we arrest someone with elephant tusks and who is involved
in shooting an elephant dead.”