Actu Cameroon
December 18, 2018

The cross-border part of Cameroon on the Gabon side and Congo side will now
see the protection of endangered species strengthened through the Tridom

The launch ceremony for the second phase of this project took place on
December 18 in Sangmelima, in the Southern Region.

Strengthen the protection and conservation of endangered species globally
and in Cameroon by improving the application of the laws of biodiversity,
resilience and management with a focus on the cross-border part of Cameroon
by interacting with the Gabonese and Congolese parties; this is the goal of
the Tridom project born of the will of the heads of state of Cameroon,
Gabon and Congo to conserve biodiversity in their joint space.

Individually, each country was unable to curb the actions of poachers or
wildlife criminals.

For Jean Louis Parfait Ze, the national director of the Tridom II project,
“when we chase the poachers from Cameroon they take refuge in Gabon or
Congo and vice versa. So the three countries realized that by joining
forces, it could help to counteract this crime.”

The second phase of the project will intensify the fight and strengthen
cross-border cooperation based on a concerted management of biodiversity.
To achieve this, the experts have developed technical tools to better
inform the curators. Defense forces are also used to build up state

According to Dr. Martin De Nlo’o, the representative of the United Nations
Development Program (UNDP), “Poaching is no longer just a matter of
poachers, but a case managed by externalities that lead states to take
action. poaching into the device of solving a number of conflicts”.

The Tridom project is crucial and essential for Cameroon because it
contributes to poverty reduction through community management and the
sustainable exploitation of natural resources favorable to the well-being
of the people.