Bhejane Trust

Sinamatella contact – on Saturday, 2 rangers based in Sinamatella on a patrol in the Inyantue area found tracks of a group of 6 poachers. After tracking them for about 4 hours, they encountered the group resting. They opened up but unfortunately the whole group escaped. However, all their kit and ivory was recovered – this included 13 elephant tusks weighing 172kg in total ( it looks like three of these tusks were old and thus pick-ups) therefore the group had shot 6 elephants on this trip. There was also a .375 rifle with ammunition, a Zambian cell phone, a Zambian ID document, various personal kit, dried elephant and buffalo meat, and assorted medicines.

Of note is that these Zambians are crossing the lake and traversing all the way to Hwange to poach – the Sebungwe area is now of no interest to them as they have wiped out all the big ivory. As per normal we can expect no assistance or follow up from the Zambians!