Vox Congo

30 novembre 2018
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A member of the Congolese Armed Forces (FAC) in service in Owando in the
Cuvette was arrested on November 27, in the crime of detention, illegal
movement, and attempted marketing of two ivory tusks, representing two
elephants slaughtered.

The arrest of this second class fighter of the CAF para-commando group was
carried out by the agents of the departmental management of the forest
economy and the national gendarmerie with the support of the project of
support to the application of the Wildlife Act.

The soldier is an ivory stalker in several cities of the Congo, including
Impfondo, Ouesso and Owando. These ivory tusks seized come from the
department of Likouala.

Here he was on a mission to the border with the Central African Republic.

He turned this mission into a campaign of elephant ivory tusks, in
complicity with poachers.

This defendant has admitted the facts with which he is accused. He faces up
to five years’ imprisonment.

Over the past 10 years, wildlife crime has become more organized, more
lucrative, more global, and more dangerous than ever. A report by the
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) states that African forest elephants
have declined by 62% in 10 years.

The same report adds that every 15 minutes, on average, an elephant is
illegally slaughtered on the African continent to feed an insatiable demand
for ivory. The illegal trade in wildlife products is leading to the
extinction of wildlife around the world. In the Republic of Congo,
elephants are fully protected animal species, in accordance with Order No.
6075 / MDDEFE / CAB of 9 April 2011 determining fully and partially
protected animal species.

In addition, Article 27 of Law 37/2008 of 28 November 2008 on fauna and
protected areas states: “import; export; the possession and transit through
the national territory of fully protected species; as well as their
trophies are strictly forbidden; except special derogation of the water and
forest administration; for the purposes of scientific research”.