Precis Event
September 22, 2018

New traffickers in the meshes of Beninese justice. They are 14 in total,
out of step with the law N  2002-16 of October 18, 2004, governing the
fauna regime in the Republic of Benin and its text of application.

The point gives 3 suspected traffickers arrested in Kandi last August, 11
traffickers apprehended in June 2018 including 6 in Cotonou and 5 in
Parakou. A feat attributed to the dynamism of the Republican Police and
foresters in three localities of Benin. All this, after careful

In fact, all were caught in the act of illegally holding and marketing
elephant ivory. The booty for these three arrests makes a total of 18 tusks
— at least 9 elephants slaughtered.

In the face of this result, we maintain that the current Government is
determined to protect the elephants and other species that are fully
protected, locking circuits of transactions to put away all those who
violate life species that are protected by the law n ? 2002-16 of 18
October 2004, establishing the system of wildlife regime in the Republic of
Benin and its bylaw.

If for the commercialization of the defenses of at least nine elephants,
fourteen traffickers are arrested, there is no doubt that networks have
formed to massacre wild animals and they have organized themselves for the
illegal marketing of the animals.

The Wildlife Law Enforcement Support Program (AALF-Benin), activist for the
survival of wild animals, especially endangered animals and the application
of the regulations in force, continues to not haggle its collaboration to
support the government to dismantle these networks.

Knowing that Article 154 of Law No. 2002-16 of October 18, 2004 sanctions a
fine of 300,000 to 800,000 francs and / or imprisonment of 6 months to 5
years anyone who imports, exports, re-exports or sells wild animals or
their trophies and spoilage outside the allowed cases, there is enough to
put on the back of the traffickers so that they answer for their fixed