MMO News
September 6, 2018 – apologies for translation

The Judicial Court of Cabo Delgado has sentenced an alleged drug dealer of
ivory tusks to eight years in prison.

The defense of the convicted says that the penalty should be reduced due to
mitigating circumstances, but the Prosecutor considers it pretty light for
those who tried to sell 11 ivory tusks.

For trying to sell ivory tusks, Am?rico Daniel, a 40-year-old Mozambican,
should be served a penalty of 12 to 16 years in prison, but Geraldo
Patricio, the judge who ruled on the case, decided to reduce it to eight,
having proven that the condemned was just a vendor and not an elephant

The defense of the convicted and prosecutors consider that the penalty
imposed by the judge was not balanced, but it has not been confirmed
whether or not they will appeal the sentence.

With the 31.8 Kg, 11 ivory tusks, being seized by police in the city of
Pemba in April this year, and by the criminal route, it is assumed that the
same come from elephants culled in Niassa National Reserve.