Nigeria Daily News

Ezim Wamath,
August 29, 2018

Villagers gathered in their numbers after three elephants were spotted
yesterday in Koko Besse local government area, Kebbi state. The animals
would have been killed had the villagers not been previously warned by the
Kebbi state governor, Atiku Bagudu.

An elephant was caught last year in Kebbi before it was killed and
butchered by the villagers. The host community and hunters trooped to the
Kebbi State Government House with great pride to present Governor Abubakar
Atiku Bagudu with the slaughtered elephant’s tusks.

To them, they had successfully defended their territory from a single
invading elephant.

Instead of the accolades they expected, they received a lifetime?s worth of
telling off and an educational lecture- interspersed with threats of

Yesterday, after the three elephants were spotted, the Koko LG authorities
assisted by security forces in the area successfully mobilized the
community, secured the animals and kept them away from the usual threats
from hunters ? in order to avoid the wrath of the governor.