Citizen (Tanzania)

TANGA: Two people, a man and a woman, were trampled to death by marauding
elephants in two villages bordering the Mkomazi National Park in Korogwe
District over the weekend.

The two people were identified as Juma Kanju (24), a resident of Bombo
Majimoto village in Kizara ward and Habiba Ramadhani (70) from Mtoni Bombo
in Kalalani ward.

The two people, according to the Tanga Regional Police Commanader, Mr
Edward Bukombe, were trampled in the early hours of Sunday.

The two people suffered serious injuries and they have already been buried.
The Councillor of Mashewa, Mr Seif Hilary, said incidents of people being
killed by animals have not happened in many years despite the elephants
destroying their crops several times.

Hilary said that rangers from the Tanzania National Parks Authority
(Tanapa) came to the scene after receiving information from the village on
the invasion of the jumbos.

According to the head of rangers from Mkomazi, Mr Laurent Kawau, they have
succeeded in driving the elephants back to Mkomazi and Mashewa Forest.
(George Sembony) Mr Kawau said it was normal for elephants to stray into
areas where they have used as their route in the past.

He said poaching incidents have decreased to a large extent causing
elephants to roam freely without fear. He advised the villagers to be
careful and avoid walking in the nights.