National Park (East Cameroon)
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August 13, 2018,20180813083049,6.html

16 ivory tusks, 15 kg of pangolin scales, numerous weapons, war ammunition
and hunting seized during the first half of 2018.

This is the result of surveillance operations in the Boumba Bek National
Park in the Boumba-et-Ngoko Department (Eastern Region).

Indeed, the work of August 10, 2018 in the city of Yokadouma, chaired by
Nicolas Tamaffo, the curator of the Technical Unit Operational (Uto)
Southeast, focused on the record of the fight against poaching, during the
first semester of the current year.

The level of collaboration between the different monitoring units, the
results obtained and the possibility of improving these actions in the
field were the focus of this work.

“Despite the means and efforts made, there are still pockets of resistance
that continue to be rife with wildlife law violators; encourage by the
passivity of the local residents, “noted Nicolas Tamaffo, also delegate
departmental Forest and Wildlife Boumba and Ngoko.

To achieve the expected goal, the work resulted in a few recommendations.

Namely: the introduction of a premium / bonus for seizure of hunting
equipment by eco-guards and other members of village anti-poaching
committees; implementation of jointly planned anti-poaching activities
between sectors for the fourth quarter; the organization of coordination
meetings, at least once every three months; the assignment of at least one
weapon in each surveillance sector, 05 permanent eco-guards and a

Heads of post, it is recommended a good management team and equipment
available to them.

For the record, Boumba Bek National Park (238,255 ha), created in 2005, is
one of the national parks of Cameroon (Central African country).

It is located in the south-east of the country, near the border with Congo.
It is estimated at 180 the number of mammals.,20180813083049,6.html