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Botswana – row between ministers over elephant damage and local response

Journal de Cameroun

Botswana’s ministers on Thursday clashed over the killing of elephants by farmers as the human-wildlife conflict escalates due to the increasing number of jumbos in the southern African nation.The Minister of Natural Resources Conservation, Tshekedi Khama condemned calls by the assistant minister of Presidential Affairs, Mochana Shamukuni calling on residents of the tourism town of Chobe to shoot elephants on sight for causing damage to their crops.

According to Khama, calls by Shamukuni who is also the Member of Parliament for Chobe that his constituents should shoot to kill elephants that encroach into their farms are unfortunate.

Khama said the legislator’s pronouncements were disappointing in that by shooting the elephants, farmers will be exposing themselves to danger of elephant attacks.

He said farmers should continue engaging the department of wildlife and national parks for appropriate action when elephants invade their farms.

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