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Kenya – rhino deaths a blow of tourism

Daily Nation (Kenya)

Kenya Wildlife Service rangers prepare a rhino for translocation at the Nairobi National Park. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Kenya Wildlife Service rangers prepare a rhino for translocation at the Nairobi National Park. FILE PHOTO | NMG



Players in the tourism industry have said that the sector is one of the areas that have been hurt following the unfortunate death of 11 rhinos that were recently translocated to the Tsavo National Park.

Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) Chairman Mohammed Hersi said the sector has felt the negative impact of the loss as it depends on wildlife tourism to stay in business.

“KTF wish to express its deep concerns and sadness in regards to the unprecedented tragic death of 11 rhinos in the recent translocation.

If there are stakeholders that are hurting emanating from this tragic incident, it is the tourism fraternity,” said Mr Hersi.

The chairman lamented that it would take the country time to recover from the loss, indicating that it takes time, hard work and commitment to raise rhinos to adulthood.

Prevent future incidents

Mr Hersi at the same time called on Kenyans to give the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Tourism ministry time to analyse the situation as they put in place measures to prevent a similar occurrence in future.

“KWS and Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala have explained what killed the rhinos, we urge Kenyans to give the process a chance to ensure that no more such deaths ever recur,” he said.

In a press statement sent to newsrooms, Mr Hersi praised the KWS for the efforts its making to protect the endangered species, saying the death of the rhinos was just an unfortunate incident.

He said despite the many challenges including limited resources, attacks from poachers and the ever increasing human-wildlife conflict, rangers have protected the animals against poachers.

“Many rangers have lost their lives in line of duty, we recognise the loss and realise that the KWS team is more distraught since many are in conservation as a calling as opposed to personal gain.


One thought on “Kenya – rhino deaths a blow of tourism

  1. In my opinion in order to Halt the poaching of rhinos Namibia Botswana in South Africa must subsidize the poor indigenous farmers. They know Rhino how to track the rhino no the Rhinos movements in order to lift up those communities poaching will continue. These farmers and bushmen must be elevated to conservationist directors and paid for their skills.

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