Groupe Congo Medias
July 6, 2018
Anyone who derogates from the protection measures for wild animal species
in the Republic of Congo is liable to the sanctions provided by law.

It is in this context that arrests, prosecutions, and convictions of
traffickers of wildlife products are frequently observed in several cities
and localities of the country.

Just this Wednesday, July 4, 2018, in Pokola in the Department of Sangha, a
Cameroonian-Congolese subject was arrested in the act of detention and
illegal circulation of nine (9) ivory tusks representing five (5) massacred

Although he was already known to the authorities, the arrest of Mahamad
ABDOU was the work of a collaboration between the Departmental Direction of
the Forest Economy of the Sangha and elements of the National Gendarmerie
with the support of the project support for the implementation of the
Wildlife Act.

This operation was designed to unmask the methods used by this last to get
rich on the back of a massacre of elephants, an animal species fully
protected in the Republic of Congo.

Mahamad ABDOU is a notorious ivory trafficker. He would pass these ivory
orders to teams of poachers in the forest, then use his shop as a cover to
resell to customers and clients, not only from the cities of the Republic
of Congo but also from countries bordering Congo, in particular Cameroon.

Pokola would be the storage center for ivory tusks before sale.

This alleged ivory trafficker acknowledges the facts alleged against him,
namely the illegal possession and circulation of nine (9) ivory tusks. He
may also be prosecuted for the presumption of slaughter of this fully
protected animal species (elephant). He faces a sentence of more than 5
years? imprisonment.

The elephant is threatened with extinction in the forests of the Congo in
general and those of the Department of Sangha especially because of
poaching for its tusks.

Sangha is among the most affected departments in the Congo for ivory
trafficking and elephant poaching. It is therefore up to the justice system
to strictly repress these acts, in order to better dissuade and sensitize
public opinion.

In the Republic of Congo, elephants are fully protected animal species, in
accordance with Order No. 6075 / MDDEFE / CAB of 9 April 2011 determining
fully and partially protected animal species.

In addition, Article 27 of Law 37/2008 of 28 November 2008 on fauna and
protected areas states: ?import; export; the possession and transit through
the national territory of fully protected species; as well as their
trophies are strictly forbidden; except special derogation of the water and
forest administration; for the purposes of scientific research?.