Abola (Portugal)

June 20, 2018

See link <https://www.abola.pt/Nnh/Noticias/Ver/736497>

The Angolan Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) has announced that it has
delivered to the Ministry of the Environment part of a ton of ivory seized
this month at Luanda’s International Airport 04 de Fevereiro, which was
destined for the United Arab Emirates.

The information was revealed today by the director of the Operations Center
of the SIC, Commissioner Amaro Neto, in the act of presenting to the press
the results of this seizure, which occurred on the 4th of this month.

Speaking to the press, Amaro Neto said that one tonne of ivory was seized,
of which half are in France in custody of Interpol, which should be sent to

According to the official, seven Angolans were involved in the crime, which
was intended to be marketed in the United Arab Emirates.