Witbank News (South Africa)

Two suspects were hunted down for being in possession of two rhino horns on the N4 Highway.

Information was given to the police on Tuesday, June 12 to be on the lookout for a white BMW with the registration plates, HB 28 LB GP and two suspects in the vehicle. The chase started from Nelspruit as it was alleged that the vehicle was transporting rhino horns.

The scene on the N4 Highway just outside eMalahleni where two suspects were arrested for the possession of rhino horns on June 13.

This information was then passed onto members of the Highway Patrol, not long after receiving the information the vehicle was spotted, travelling on the N4 highway from Middelburg to eMalahleni.

Highway Patrol tried to stop the vehicle without any success. The chase then continued and they managed to stop it just before the eMalahleni off-ramp from the toll gate.

The members searched the BMW and found two rhino horns in a white container wrapped in foil in the boot of the vehicle. It’s alleged that the vehicle used was rented and that the suspects were on their way to Johannesburg to make the drop off.

The rhino horns that was found in the suspect’s vehicle on the N4 Highway.

Members from the South African National Parks (SANParks) were notified about the arrest and the two horns that were discovered in the boot of the vehicle. They then flew in with a helicopter to come and identify the horns.

Dr Nolan Landman from Witbank Veterinary Hospital assisting Melissa Kemp from Mpumalanga Parks Board in doing DNA testing on the scene where the rhino horns were confiscated earlier this week.

Dr Nolan Landman from Witbank Veterinary Hospital and Melissa Kemp from Mpumalanga Parks Board were contacted to do the DNA testing.
According to previous arrests made in South Africa in regards with rhino horn poaching, it is estimated that people pay up to R85 000 per kilogram of horn. It’s estimated that the total market value of the horns that were seized are in the region of R1 000 000.

The suspects are appearing in Witbank Magistrate Court today, 14 June facing a charge of unlawful possession and trading of rhino horns