La Libra Afrique
June 5, 2018


Plus de 62 kilos de pointes d’ivoire saisis à l’aéroport de Kinshasa

More than 62 kilos of ivory tusks were seized Saturday at Kinshasa-N’djili
International Airport by airport services, reported Congolese press agency
(ACP) Monday in Brussels.

The parcel was owned by a Tanzanian national living in Kinshasa, whose
identity has not been revealed.

The destination of the ivory package intercepted by airport services is
presumed to be Malaysia. Ivory trade and elephant poaching are banned
around the world as part of the protection of elephants that have been
classified as endangered rare species for years.

The origin of the ivory tusks has not been determined.

The investigation is being conducted by the airport services of the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), added the ACP (official). Last
Wednesday, 600 kilos of ivory, resulting from judicial seizures and private
donations, had been destroyed in Nice, in the south-east of France, as part
of an operation led by an association for the protection of animals and the
National Office for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS).

The raw ivory trade has been banned in France since 2016, but there are
exemptions for worked ivory.

China, once the first destination market for smuggled tusks, has banned the
ivory trade since January 1st.