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2:25 CAT | 05 Jun 2018
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Just over 500 national and foreign participants, including government representatives from around the world, organisations and figures linked to the tourism industry and environment protection are confirmed for the International Conference on Nature-Based Tourism, taking place from Thursday to Saturday and for the first time in Mozambique.

On Monday, officials from the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development visited the event marquee, where technicians were working hard to ensure everything was ready to receive the conference, which it is hoped will put Mozambique on the global nature tourism map.

“The work that we have been doing in recent times to restore our flora and fauna, replenish the animals in our parks and reserves and control poaching has brought results in that we have natural capita, and the best we can do is to place this capital in terms of parks and reserves before the world,” conference spokesperson Nilza Chipe told O País.

Scenery, image, sound and lighting systems we being tested yesterday by the team of national and foreign technicians, in readiness for a three-day conference will be Mozambique’s shop window to the world.

The International Conference on Nature-Based Tourism rotates annually among member countries of the Global Wildlife Program, a global partnership led by the World Bank, which promotes nature conservation and sustainable development and combats the illegal wildlife trade.

It is one of the largest wildlife conservation conferences in the world, bringing people and institutions together every year to wildlife conservation and the fight for gains for local communities.

By Antonio Tiua