May 29, 2018

Three agents from the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) and
a technician from the Forestry and Wildlife sector in Niassa have just been
arrested by order of the provincial prosecutor’s office, accused of
diverting 105 ivory tusks.

The theft of the 105 ivory tusks was registered between April 2016 and
April last year, and they were confiscated in the Republic of Cambodia.

A spokesman for the Niassa prosecutor’s office, Francisco Albano, quoted by
Jornal Noticias, said that the three employees of SERNIC had participated
in the diversion of 20 ivory tusks that were deposited in the institution’s
safe in Lichinga.

According to the aforementioned source, the arrest of the technician
assigned to the Provincial Service of Forests and Fauna Bravia is
responsible for the diversion of 85 ivory tusks that were also in the
custody of his institution.

It should be recalled that part of the three tons of ivory seized last
month at the Port of Maputo was stolen at the warehouses of the Provincial
Directorate of Land, Environment and Rural Development and the Criminal
Investigation Service (SERNIC), both in the city of Lichinga.

Francisco Albano said, in another development, that in the preparatory
phase the respective criminal cases are being investigated against the four
defendants and that after their conclusion they will be referred to the
court for judgment.

The districts that are part of the conservation area of the Niassa National
Reserve, namely Mecula, Maua, Marrupa, Sanga, Majune and Muembe, are prone
to the occurrence of elephant slaughter by citizens who use hunting and
firearms, despite the patrols carried out by the inspection, which uses
aerial and ground resources.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.